Many people wonder what the significant impact that hospice caregivers have on their patients. After all, they are terminally ill, so what benefit could possibly come from this? 

To answer that, first let’s think about what hospice care is for. Hospice is served to families who have a dying loved one. Many seniors end up getting hospice care due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other elderly diseases. Along with that, there are also patients who are terminally ill with cancer or other diseases, Which brings us back to our main points, Hospice is there to provide these people with a passing that is as dignified, as comfortable and as painless as possible. 

A-1 Home Care guarantees to provide only the most qualified and compassionate 24 Hour caregivers for Hospice patients. Geared with 2 years of previous experience, our in home helpers and live in nurse aides are able to administer quality Hospice Care, as well as other facets of care including Heart Attack Care, Senior Care and more!


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