Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing your elderly grandparents tell you about their lives when they were younger? Seniors truly do have amazing stories to tell, ans that’s not surprising at because, after having lived on this planet for a lifetime, they likely have a couple of interesting and rich stories to tell. Photographer Tom Hussey’s photo series, Reflections, conveys this idea. In this series, a part of which you can see in the photos below, seniors look back at themselves in the mirror and see a pivotal point in their lives, whether it’s during war, graduation, or in their glory days.


This is why storytelling with seniors vastly distinguishes itself from typical storytelling. Senior have lived and breathed the stories that are told and often still see themselves as that character no matter how many  years have passed. It truly is a wonderful experience to hear and see. 
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A-1 Home Care understands the importance of storytelling and in turn, the significance of a listener to hear and engage those stories. Through our Companion Care program, seniors and elderly residents of Glendora can have a trained in home care professional to not only tend to their needs, but also provide companionship for them. Along with that, they are trained with 2 years of experience to administer Incontinence Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care and more.

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