Surviving and recovering from a stroke is a miracle in itself.  Strokes are the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States.  Also known as a “brain attack,” a stroke can affect your movement, memory, emotions, and speech/language abilities.  It can completely wipe out your memory so that you don’t know how to do simple things such as make a pot of coffee.  It can make you incapable of carrying a simple conversation or understanding what someone is telling you.

This video tells the story of Wes Varda, a 31 year old man who suffered a stroke in his brain stem area.  The stroke negatively affected his ability to move and speak and he had to relearn those skills.  Miraculously, 10 months later, he was speaking and walking again after being rehabilitated in a wellness center.  “The hardest part was not being able to talk or communicate – and just laying there.  I couldn’t tell anybody how  I was feeling or ask anybody how they were doing,” Wes said.

A-1 Home Care is a non-medical caregiver placement agency that provides Post-Stroke Care on a 24 hour live-in basis or hourly part-time basis.  Our caregivers, nurse aides, and companions can assist with doctor’s orders or instructions for home care from your loved one’s physical, occupational, or speech therapist.  We can transport your loved one to medical or therapy appointments, assist with dressing, undressing, getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene and grooming, meal preparation, exercise, and other activities of daily living.

Our homecare agency serves the communities of Glendora, Glendale, Burbank, Sierra Madre, Covina, San Dimas, Claremont, Diamond Bar, and other cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.  We have been in business since 1991 with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and Shield Accreditation.  If your Elderly or Senior loved one has long term insurance, we accept Penn Treaty, CALPERS, MetLife Insurance, John Hancock, Veteran Administration, and Bankers’ Life & Casualty.

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